Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Top 10 Behaviors of Winning Organizations

We are at a critical point in time for organizations to leverage digital technologies in a way that leads them into a future that allows businesses to keep up with changing conditions. This must be accomplished with increased revenue or market share and with few negative impacts to partners and employees.

I would like to drill down into ten practices that will differentiate organizations in the next several years while taking full advantage of new digital behaviors and emerging technologies. These behaviors will likely be assisted by agile and self organizing processes leveraging automated agent based personal assistants. Please dig into each posting that draws your attention for more detail.

1. Obsessed with the Customer:

Customer is King, Queen, Prince and Princess wrapped into one. A new definition of CRM needs to be established by organizations that takes into account personal desires, likes, collaborators and patterns of disappointments.

2. Goal Driven by Nature:

As organizations face the challenges of shifting and blended goals, support processes and systems need to automatically adjust to new goals and new goal mixes.

3. Seeks Differentiating Innovation:

Organizations can no longer stand pat on business models and behaviors, so much time needs to be expended on innovative and bold behaviors

4. Focused on Great Decisions:

Putting the odds in an organizations favor should be the obsession of decision makers, so the most advanced application of analytic models and understanding emerging patterns for better actions should be excercised.

5. Possessed with Time to Market Results:

The pressure for timely products, services, decisions, actions and adjustments is high,so there is a premium on fast development and adjustment.

6. Seeking the Proper Context:

Knowing the right space to set goals, make decisions and take actions should be the obsession of organizations.

7. Opportunistically Leverages Dynamic Capabilities:

If organizations want decide and act quickly they need to build in agility levers.

8. Provides Excellent Visualization for All:

Organizations can't appreciate or manage what they can't easily see and perceive, so there will be a premium on better visualization and human interaction.

9. Aggressively Leverages Legacy Applications:

Organizations generally can't start with a clean slate or have the privilege to throw out legacy processes or  applications, so incremental transformation and differentiation wrapping will be common.

10. Embraces Emerging Agile Development Methods:

A faster world will beget faster methods, so the emergence of Wagile methods is no surprise to the savvy organizations.

Net; Net:

Like no other time in history organizations are poised to separate them selves from the pack. Do you work for one of them? If not, you have a short time to transform the one you are in at the moment.

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