Thursday, June 26, 2014

Knowledge Collaboration with Automated Personal Assistants

I'm sure you don't expect to be buddies with a bot any time soon, but you could be closer to having automated personal assistants than you think. The knowledge necessary to complete complex cases that require deeper knowledge than the human participants have at hand might benefit from a machine assist. With the advent of a multitude of personal assistant bots or agents in the cloud powered by Watson or Deep Mind, getting a knowledge assist is becoming a real possibility. The use of personal assistants (PA) will cause some new opportunities and challenges, but we will have to have a good mixture of people and automated personal assistants. Listed below are some areas where humans are best and areas where assistants can help.

People are clearly superior in the softer skills of dealing with others and have natural abilities around creative thinking. Humans alone are good at the following:

Playing Games
Creating Art
Handling the Unexpected
Unstructured Problems
Acquiring and Learning New Information
Handling Non-Routine Work
Dealing With Emotions

Personal Assistants are clearly superior in dealing with super fast analysis and the presentation of multiple alternatives. Bots alone are good at the following:

Accuracy and Consistency
Handling Volumes of Big &Thick Data
Power and Speed
Adaptable with No Complaints
Analytic Driven
24 by 7 Availability
Stacking Alternatives with Probabilities

Net; Net:

There is not doubt that we are heading towards greater machine intelligence and assistance for knowledge workers, particularly in an adaptive case management situation. Our challenge is craft the combination of human strength and bot assistance moving forward as we challenge the new knowledge intensive work streams.

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