Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Holidays to Everyone

We wish you the best of the holiday season this year. We, at the Sinur home. celebrate Gods gift to us this Christmas in his Son. We especially count our many blessings this time of year. We hope you have a great holiday season and enjoy your loved ones :) 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

AI Will Help Leverage IoT at the Edge

It's a given that the number of devices are exploding and the signals, events and patterns coming from these devices are just overwhelming. The speed of response to all of these devices and signals are the key to digital success. Imagine what you could do if you put the intelligence closer and even in these devices? Moving AI to the edge will be a major movement starting in 2017. What might this intelligence help? Here is my take on the opportunities to augment management in the digital era.

A Listening Post for Patterns:

With a multitude of interconnected devices emitting signals, the amount of electronic babble will be more overwhelming than the number of devices or the amount of big data. Devices can emit multiple signals. Not all of these signals will make a central big data lake and must be dealt with at the edge. In fact the patterns of multiple signals delivers the best benefit when caught close to the source and dealt with immediately. Only the signals and patterns of regional and global impact need  to be passed up to a central management point managed by processes, applications and humans unless there is no way to deal with them locally. Adding AI to the edge will push the envelope for "hands off" handling.

A Bidding Service For Work:

With multiple controllers and devices listening for service signals, there will be opportunities for multiple things to respond to the needs. AI will help sort out which device or device network will respond to the needs. AI interacting with AI can determine which devices, applications or processes will lead to optimal multiple goal fulfillment to the goal driven digital world.  This is already happening in smart and parallel manufacturing with bots.

A Change Configuration Assistant: 

AI can be the smarts in figuring out if a change in device code is needed and signal a development source for upgrades. In addition the AI can trigger smart development and parameter setting on the fly through robotic programming assistants(RPA). We can see this emerging in 2017 with smart configurators and auto PROM changes in devices or in the cloud. This can be leverage in the software world as well through RPA in website, processes and application components.

Net; Net:

While the visible aspects of AI will be felt by the consumer at the digital assistant level, there will be a quiet revolution going on as AI finds it;s place in Industry 4.0 and other large scale digital efforts. Watch this AI space leap forward in 2017.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Awards Night To Remember

Last night there were 170 folks  at the Aragon Awards Ceremony where innovative awards were given to 15 deserving companies who displayed over the top innovation. In addition there 41 hot vendor awards given to providers of unique and compelling software offerings that ranged from platform vendors to new start ups with sizzle. It was an exciting night to see the vendors that help our customers deliver success in this new digital era. We are already looking for our 2017 Hot Vendors, so stay tuned and nominate any providers of interest to us by clicking here.

                         IBM Receiving an Innovation Award for Cognitive / AI

       Bolste Receiving Their Hot Vendor Award for Social Collaboration and Work

Before the lively awards ceremony, there was a informative set of briefings and panels that the crowd was actively listening to for the 2017 predictions in AI & the Future of Work and Harnessing the power of Digital. Both sessions were followed by powerful panels of business leaders giving sage advice on successful implementations and giving advice on steps clients should take for positive results.

All in all, it was Aragons' best awards ceremony yet where we celebrated success and the coming holidays with some of the best fare the Pullman, in Redwood Shores, could offer. We are excited about 2017 and we would like to invite you to hear out 2017 predictions yourself via a webinar on Dec 9th by clicking here .