Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cognitive AI Will Help Leverage Events and Decisions Encountered

The amount of data and information flying our way is almost to much to absorb much less optimize understanding data and making great decisions leveraging it. The world coming our way will only be more complex and faster, so how can organizations and the people that run these organizations survive and thrive? Cognitive AI is here to help provide better explanations, assist with more predictions and optimize events or decisions. AI will help grokking all that data coming your way by helping you understand, classify and decide using it.

AI Helps Understand Data: 

AI will be of great assistance to understand data, unstructured information, speech, images and video. Certain kinds of AI can help accelerate the understanding of each of these sources alone, but AI also can understand complex combinations of different kinds of information in multiple contexts. Once trained, AI can have a base that can be built on through experience like human learning. Having digital assistants will take on new meaning as AI helps you in understanding these multiple streams and find important and emerging conditions.

AI Helps Classify Data:

Not only can AI help understand the data that is there, it can know what you are interested in based on your past interest, behavior and selections. Even if you are not interested, AI can store the data / information in multiple ontology types for further understanding and classification. Patterns of interest, both planned and emerging, can be noted, stored and expedited for attention, decisions and a bevy of alternative actions.

AI Helps Decide:

Not only can AI help understand and classify data, it can predict and project from data giving decision makers additional alternatives to consider. In hyper speed situations the AI can make decisions equal to or superior to individuals. If there is time to collaborate with AI and other humans in critical situations, it is probably better, however there may be a time and place where AI can do better. There will be an emerging set of experiences with AI over time to decide who decides. Imagine AI assisting in the kinds and sequences of analysis that would be best no matter who dies it.

Net: Net:

We a drowning in large amounts data and information and time for decisions and actions are reducing. We will have to embrace Cognitive AI just to survive. Those organizations that learn how to leverage AI with data and information will be able to differentiate and distance themselves from their competitors.

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