Thursday, March 29, 2018

For Those Who Celebrate Easter

Peace to All !!  If you don't celebrate Good Friday or Easter, please do not be offended. Good Friday brings to mind the mercy that God is offering to us, if we just humble ourselves to accept it. The cross is a symbol of that mercy and the cost to my savior as he suffered, bled and died for all of us.

None of us would pass for perfect or able to work to attain anything acceptable to God. This is why God intervened by providing the perfect and suffering Messiah, Jesus Christ. My painting below shows a humble flower bowing in repentance with God watching through the shaft of light. The gift of mercy and grace is free to those who humble themselves before God. This allows us to experience eternity with a Holy God. Jesus is the first risen from death like we will be, if we believe. The second painting represents resurrection.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Better Decisions with Decision Management

Most organizations have experienced the benefits of  Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Science. With AI decisions are about to get better and faster. These are all great leverage points for better decisions, but there is another discipline that will help consistently deliver better decisions.  Decision Management is a growing field that helps add some structure to decisions that will enable many to deliver great decisions with consistency.

An organization’s ability to make excellent decisions will be a huge differentiator in today’s ever changing business environment. The days of leisurely decisions are numbered because of the speed and momentum of business. Also the amount of data, information that is available for any one decision is multiplying in an exponential fashion. More and more decisions will require the assistance from data science and combinations of algorithms with AI assistance. 

While organizations will depend on people to leverage their experience and intuition in the best possible decisions, more and more decisions will be leveraging automated assists for human decision making. In the new digital world more decisions will be made in an automated fashion with significant consequences. In fact some decisions will be made at the edge without central control, so learning to manage these kinds of decisions that may be happening in an instant is essential.

Another factor being introduced in the much faster and smarter digital world is the ability to decide on making changes in the operational reaction. These changes could be implemented in procedures/processes, which in turn will help humans change. The ramifications of decisions and their downstream effects require a higher level of decision management.

Net; Net:

Decision Management is a new discipline that is growing with importance. Decision Management helps optimize Decisions, Business Intelligence and Data Science. As I write more about this topic in the future, I will rollout a Decisions Management Framework and a Decision Management Platform that will be used together for better decisions. Watch this space. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Intelligence is the New Currency

We all have heard it in the past, "data is the oil for the economic machine". While there is still a strong thread of truth in that statement, the new innovative digital economies will be aimed at the intelligence applied towards data and any number of people or machine resources including the software that orchestrates it all. Some would claim that it is just the addition of AI that creates the intelligence, but it is a broader effect as it includes algorithms, scenarios, policies, rules and constraints as well. It will take a cooperative and orchestrated set of capabilities to deliver innovative intelligence that will drive the new economy. Let's explore opportunities to apply intelligence in innovative ways

Intelligent Identity for People & Machines: 

While there is a great need for secure identity, there is more to identity than just pure essential security and assured identity.  Intelligent identity should also be able to understand and represent the preferences, goals and desired customizations of the person or machine. These all can be shifted in context for advanced identity capabilities. 

Intelligent Channels: 

Leveraging channel focused and cross channel intelligence will give organizations and advantage in creating satisfying customer journeys and touch points to make them pleasant. Factoring in location, contexts, moods and needs intelligently will lead to a competitive advantage and repeat interactions and eventually loyalty. 

Intelligent Communications:

Leveraging persona based digital workspaces aimed at intelligent and dynamic collaboration with other workers and supporting knowledge assistants. These intelligent workspaces can be extended to customers, partners and vendors to engage new audiences upon successes with employees. 

Intelligent People:

All the people that interact with an organization should be given assistance and maybe even augmented to higher levels of intelligence. While certain tasks that people do should be automated at best, various levels of assistance and augmentation should be sought with persistence, 

Intelligent Data & Content:

Data has been the focus of algorithms and now AI for a long time and will continue to deliver benefits. This will be accelerated by a larger amount of speedy data about events occuring on the edge and the dark data that needs to be teased out with intelligence. 

Intelligent Infrastructure:

More intelligence will be pushed to the edge with algorithms, statistics and AI residing there with the freedom to sense decide and act with new levels of freedom over time. The infrastructure of linked hardware of machines, controllers, sensors will be able to adjust to different loads and event patterns. 

Intelligent Agile Software:  

All software processes, applications, microservices, bots and cogs can benefit from intelligence. Speedy and dynamic assembly of pretested software can infuse great agility, but even untested components and combinations can speed the delivery of low and high code combinations. Explicit, changeable rules can also contribute to intelligent agility. 

Intelligent Feedback: 

Feedback that intelligently considers the contexts it affects can speed adjustment to changing conditions. In addition feedback can feed into adjusting existing guardrails and constraints to support many forms of overlapping governance. 

Net; Net: 

Intelligence gives momentum to all of an organization's resources and any people or machines it interacts with in an ongoing or temporary basis. Data that just sits there for discovery is not enough to transform it into knowledge and appropriate actions with wisdom. Intelligence is the new economic multiplier and will be the currency of digital. 

Find Out the Role of Process in Digital at bpmNEXT 2018

Process is about to overcome the stigma of being only useful in saving costs and optimizing rigid work patterns in and around organizations. While business process management (BPM) is not considered one of the flashy technologies in and around digital business, it will become an essential enabler of digital businesses. Tomorrow's Digital Business Platforms (DBP) will have a strong thread of BPM for work management and the development of resource and task management. With the emphasis in digital business on incremental transformation, dynamic process / case behavior, rapid iterative development, visual business and better customer experiences, BPM is an obvious enabler for 2018 and beyond. The trends in digital business are unstoppable, so emergent and growing BPM will be dragged along as the invisible enabler. 

Listen to a podcast about my presentation on the growing role of process in digital efforts by clicking this link

Listen to a podcast about my presentation on the growing role of process in digital efforts by clicking this link  See You at bpmNext !!!