Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Thankful During a Difficult Christmas

This is certainly a tough year for mankind because of all the pain and suffering COVID 19 continues to deal out. Despite this, we have hope and a thankful heart. First, at the physical health level, we have at least two vaccines that are rolling out at this time. Our prayers and positive vibes are going out to all affected by this monster plague. 

Secondly, we have the hope of our saviors birth which preceded his death, resurrection, and ascension to care for us. This is something for our spirits as a cure for our mistakes. It is not lost on us that God and the heavens show us the Bethlehem Star as a sign of hope during this serious plague that besets our lives and livelihoods.  Here is a picture that was taken outside the city over the Arizona desert skies by Cindy Morrison Maes that is spooky good.  We are thankful for God's salvation through our savior, Jesus Christ

                                      Happy Holidays to all from the Sinur clan!!!!  

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

What Are People Reading?

 As the number of hits on my blog eclipses 700,000 in seven+ years, I want to thank those who have been loyal readers. In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share what others have been interested in over the last year and beyond. I hope the numbers below help you in picking out some interesting blog posts to visit on my blog  Use the search bar to help you hone in on your topics of interest.  

Figure 1 represents the greatest hits over the years. The top areas of interest were Automation (RPA), Customer Journeys (CJM) Process (BPM), Cognitive (AI). Digital and Industry 4.0 (IoT).

                                                     Figure 1 Greatist Hits

While most hits come from the US (65%) the offshore hits are significant. I do not get much action from Asia, but Europe, Eastern Europe, and Russia are quite active as seen in Figure 2.

                                                           Figure 2 Off-Shore Hits

New Topics have emerged to shift the demand to also include Corporate Performance, Decisions, Real-Time, Data Management, Data Mining, and the Database of Now,  Figure 3 slices the 2020 themes for us. 

                                                              Figure 3 Top 2020 Hits

The second half of 2020 has some new topics in and around AI & Art, Monster Data, and the Value of Voice Data.

                                                       Figure 4 Second Half of 2020

Net; Net:

I hope that these charts help you in pursuing emerging topics as well as the traditional ones. Please contact me with topics you would like me to cover in the future. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Are You Hearing Voices? Maybe You Should

 Many organizations are hungry to understand what customers and prospects think of their brand, products, services, and unique relationship. To this end, organizations are trying to move from reactive responses to negative experiences to proactive real-time action at the time of both positive and negative interactions. There is a movement to more sentiment analysis by supporting this shift, leveraging emotion AI and other forms of opinion mining to help spot, extract, and quantify subjective information around the customer's voice in real-time. Leveraging natural language processing, voice/text analytics, computational linguistics, and biometrics are becoming a strong trend.

Maybe You Should be Listening:

The cost of not listening after the damage is evident is not smart to do business today. When an organization hears phrases like "Can you believe this?", "Shame on them," "Let's get 'em," or "Do the right thing" in social media streams, it's getting to the point of damage. If there are positive responses, organizations would be foolish not to take advantage of those beautiful gems of customer delight. It is important to sense harmful and helpful responses in social media, tapping into real-time sentiments in the middle of voice interactions happening in the servicing channels.

What Should Organizations Listen to?

Organizations should be listening for brand health, product/service satisfaction, and the overall relationship. Listening to mentions of the competitor's names is essential and usually means you are under pressure of some kind. The customer is either growing in frustration or is beyond their tolerance for unsatisfactory service. Voice inflections will tell you if it is just a need or a real frustration. It is essential to distinguish between a want or a wish or a real need. Of course, listening for the good news is just as important, so knowing if your customer or prospect is happy and loves the service they are getting is a great thing. Listening for the positive is particularly vital if you want to upsell or cross-sell a customer.

What are the Typical Indicators to Focus on?

There are everyday things to listen to for sentiment. If there is a lot of customer silence, they may be learning or just controlling their emotions. Listen for overtalk where the agent is pushing their script over customer needs. Also, listen for impatient customers that feel that they are not being heard; they overtalk the agent and their talking script. These calls are great for training, but real-time action is the first prize.

It is also essential to listen to the drivers for the calls to determine if there are positive or negative trends forming. Customers will let you know what they want, so it is essential to focus on their goals, not just the CPA driven goal of reducing time to apparent resolution. This kind of listening helps in improving first call resolution and even net promoter scores (NPS).

Net; Net:

It's crucial to spot bad customer experiences early in your contact center. Voice and text analysis in real-time leveraging AI helps ferret out real sentiment analysis. Finding the right combination of digital technologies is much easier today than even a year ago. Many options will help improve customer relationship metrics. Voice is the growing approach today as it captures the real customer sentiments before the relationship breaks down and organizations are trying to bandage a large wound without much success.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Art for the 4th Quarter 2020

 I sure hope you and your loved ones are doing well during this COVID 19 Pandemic. Creating art doesn't seem to stop during tough times, but the demand is up, much to my surprise. I was able to complete a commission for my buddy Jonathan Yarmis proudly standing in front of his new mustang convertible in the middle of a large Texas sky. On a whim, I put a number of my better fractals on masks, and they sold out three times. I painted a cute little octopus with neon paint for creativity's sake and created a couple of interesting fractals. I hope you enjoy the pieces here. If you want to see more or even buy a piece hit my art website or email me at jim.sinur @gmail.com.  Happy Holidays to all. 

                                                MUSTANG JOHNNY 

                                                         ART MASKS

                                                      HAPPY OCTO

                                                      BLUE SWIRL

                                                       PURPLE DELIGHTS