Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Thankful During a Difficult Christmas

This is certainly a tough year for mankind because of all the pain and suffering COVID 19 continues to deal out. Despite this, we have hope and a thankful heart. First, at the physical health level, we have at least two vaccines that are rolling out at this time. Our prayers and positive vibes are going out to all affected by this monster plague. 

Secondly, we have the hope of our saviors birth which preceded his death, resurrection, and ascension to care for us. This is something for our spirits as a cure for our mistakes. It is not lost on us that God and the heavens show us the Bethlehem Star as a sign of hope during this serious plague that besets our lives and livelihoods.  Here is a picture that was taken outside the city over the Arizona desert skies by Cindy Morrison Maes that is spooky good.  We are thankful for God's salvation through our savior, Jesus Christ

                                      Happy Holidays to all from the Sinur clan!!!!  

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