Monday, June 30, 2014

Free White Paper on "Reality Based Business Operations"

Business operations are based on the collective activities of your people, systems and constituents and improving those actions can prove to be very profitable. However, there are problems with knowing what really goes on without precise and detailed measurements. These measurements are often time consuming and require specialized skills, if you can get at the measures. Traditionally business professionals have to rely on process or technology professionals who have methods that are less than perfect because they rely on interview driven process models to lay the baseline for improvements. While there may be precise measures for individual parts of a process, getting a complete end to end and precisely measured process is usually not possible without close and  automated inspection.

Leverage Operations Intelligence with Process Discovery:

Processes are a reflection of the business operations in an organization. By basing process improvement on real metrics or measurement s and allowing business professionals to direct the creation of the existing base line for improvement, the results should be profitable and timely. Improvements driven by these accurate pictures of actual behavior can be designed and implemented in the new and improved processes. How this is accomplished makes all the difference in the size and speed of the benefits. Operational Intelligence can be implemented in several ways, but it is always based on real data.

Free White Paper:

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