Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 BPM & Case Management Global Summit in DC

I had the pleasure to speak at the inaugural BPM & Case Management Summit and I found it to be a unique and helpful event. There were over 200 participants that enjoyed the rich set of presentations. There was a good mix of training, case studies, networking, vendor participation and awards. The key major themes were customer facing processes, adaptive case management, delivering BPM in the government setting and the WFMC Awards. There were minor themes around simulation, health care and managing process components (snippets, services, rules, goals etc.).

Customer Focus:

Not only was there a key note on Reinventing BPM for the age of the customer, presented by Clay Richardson of Forrester, there were a significant number of supporting case studies around customer service, on boarding and changing the client experience.

Adaptive Case Management(ACM): 

While the majority of the sessions were on Case Management and ACM, the best session was presented by Keith Swenson on the Seven Domains of Predictability: Understanding the Spectrum of Case management Approaches.

BPM in Government:

There are many more issues stacked against the government BPM implementations in that the workers are not interested in risk and change. The workers are easily capable of stopping projects easily through resistance. It seems that this was really acute in the federal arena. The states had a better success rate, but this conference highlighted many successful Federal Government implementations. I saw some from the defense folks and the non-defense folks. While many were just tapping ACM, there were solid results.

WFMC Awards:

In parallel with the conference, WFMC issued a number of awards across many industries, but the big winner was the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. The highlight of the "rubber chicken" dinner was the honoring the Connie Moore (formerly Forrester) for her deep contribution to BPM and the clients working on implementations.

Great Case Studies:

Johnson and Johnson for worldwide scope and core process consolidation (probably an award winner next round).

Norwegian Food Safety Authority for high quality and regulatory compliance (a 2013 award winner)

Special Operations Enterprise for prototyping dynamic integration, new technologies and the future soldier (Iron Man).

Vendors with Pop:

Whitestein, Pega, IBM, Framework Solutions, Trisotech, Process Analytica, & BP Logix

Net; Net:

A conference well designed and executed worth another visit for me.

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