Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Role of Models in the Emergent COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch Ed Peters, Irene Lyakovetsky, and I discuss the role of models in emergent situations where the data might not be complete or correct. One could speculate that we overreacted because of a flawed model on one hand or speculate that we save countless numbers of lives because we acted when we did; a flawed model or not. The economic impact of shutting down a 20 trillion dollar economy steaming along is immense. Also, the tremendous potential loss of life with no intervention is soul-shaking. Did we do it right? Because models are often flawed, should we cast them aside or should freshen them with real-time data like we did and are continuing to do? Review our Videos listed below or watch the full episode by clicking here

Role of  Models in COVID-19

All Models are Wrong, but Some are Useful
We can Learn from Flawed Models 
Localizing Models and Supply Chains
Boosting Digital Transformation

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