Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Digital Organization is Fully Visual

Organizations need to up their game when it comes to accurately and visually represent their business behavior and business outcomes. While visual representations alone may not completely represent all levels of detail to all people, visual representations greatly speed the understanding of the state of business and relationships. I have outlined five areas that could really benefit from better visualization.

Client Interactions:

While ideally clients could interact with organizations leveraging advanced forms of gamification, there are forms of visualization that would really assist the clients as to their progress during a process or the status of their request(s). In addition a client should visually understand the nature of the relationship they have with the organization.

Work Management:

Showing the status of individual work items, cases and aggregations of work classes visually is something that is done today, but taking it up a notch is probably in order. Showing animations of work progress either in-flight or historically is really needed. Also the productivity of each resources and groups of resources should also be visualized in a better way to optimize productivity.

Goal Attainment:

Showing visual progress towards goals is also essential for the motivation of all parties contributing towards results. Showing dynamic weighting changes amongst several competing goals is also important as dynamic management adjustments in today's world should also be seen as well as heard. The impact of decisions or changes can also predicted in this way as well.

Context Representation:

Showing a process in context of bigger arenas is also helpful for all parties. If a process is participating in geographical market, for a set of constituents or a step in a value or supply chain also speeds understanding necessary for today's changing world.

Partner & Community Interactions:

Watching how collaboration works amongst workers is typically what is watched carefully, but often we forget the interactions with partners and the public. Visualizing these interactions and networks is important and this is crucial high high end knowledge that crosses knowledge worlds.

Net; Net: 

We have barely tapped the power of better visualization in our organizations. The best digital organizations will excel in semiotic representation of progress and context.

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