Thursday, May 15, 2014

Will Your Processes be Smarter than You?

With the advent of cognitive computing, rich big data analytics and distributed intelligence, it is not out of the picture for your processes to be smarter than you. Most likely your processes will have access to really smart personal assistants. This is especially true for "knowledge rich" and adaptive processes such as case management. Click on the link below for a keynote speech that I gave at bpmNEXT 2014. I hope to have an update for next years conference, if they invite me back to discuss the "Intelligent Internet of Things"

The presentation is an extension of Gartner's work on Intelligent Business Operations which is referenced liberally in the presentation with attribution, of course. In addition materials are leveraged from my latest book co-authored with Peter Fingar and Jim Odell. See the following for a quick review:

Some of my posts on smart processes:

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