Thursday, March 31, 2016

Digital Process Insights at bpmNext 2016

There is a group of people and vendors that are shaping the direction and the health of digital processes with the support of BPM.  I would encourage anyone involved with the challenge of creating innovative processes or the technologies that support said processes attend this event. Below is the list of compelling topics that will be covered this year.  If you are moved, please register by clicking here  If that doesn't move you, come see Santa Barbara. If nothing moves you, maybe you might want to hear me speak :)


• BPM 2016-2020: Outlook for the Next Five Years
• A Business Process Application with No Process
• BPM and Enterprise Social Networks for Flexible Case Management
• Building Advanced CaseDriven Applications
• Business Process Management in the Cloud: Changing the Playing Field
• Cloud Architecture Accelerating Innovation in Application Development
• Combining DMN with BPMN and CMMN - The Open Source Way
• Dealing with Digital Disruption
• Decision Modeling Service
• Dynamic Decision Models: Activation/ Deactivation of Business Rules in Real Time
• Dynamic Validation of Integrated BPMN, CMMN and DMN
• Goal-oriented BPM Enabling IoT and Smart Agents
• How to Connect your Decisions to your Information Sources
• Intent-Driven, Future-Proof User Experiences
• Model, Generate, Compile in the Cloud and Deploy Ready-to-Use Mobile Process Apps
• One Model, Three Dimensions: Combining Flow, Case, and Time Into a Unified Development Paradigm
• Process Design and Automation for a New Economy
• Process Intelligence
• Process Intelligence for the Digital Age: Combining Intelligent Insights with Process Mining
• The Business of BPM
• When ‘Customer-Centric’ Means ‘UserFriendly’: Building Customized, Engaging Interfaces for BPM Applications
• You Can Handle the Truth: BPM Veracity

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