Sunday, March 13, 2016

First Day at CeBit

Can you imagine 280000+ people in one place over a weeks time? This is CeBIT which is an acronym for the German translated into "Centre of Office Automation and Information Technology and Telecommunication" in English. There are over 6000+ vendors spread over many acres and 30+ good size buildings. Now you can appreciate the size and scope of CeBIT as it is the largest technology expo and conference in the world. I was a bit overwhelmed at the space, but this is just preparation day here in Hanover Germany and there will be more updates to follow. 

I was invited by Software AG to be on a panel in their booth on Tuesday. I was quite impressed with their booth as it was a work of art with a circular trail of demos surrounding the core art piece pictured below. 

Since Software AG is the first vendor that markets and sells a complete Digital Business Platform (DBP), it seems appropriate that I be there at the unveiling. While there are a number of other vendors with individual competing point technologies, Software AG has thoughtfully woven together their DBP offering with it's full organization behind it. This is a start of an expected trend of vendor provided DBPs for clients to do digital business without getting to hung up in individual technologies. You will see more from me on DBPs on this blog site and stay tuned for more on CeBIT. Also you will see a new book from me on Digital Transformation in the coming months that needs a DBP

Another impressive booth from German Telecom (Deutche Telekom).

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