Monday, March 14, 2016

Kewl Booths at CeBIT

Yesterday I hinted at the scope and scale of CeBIT and it was mind blowing. Today I captured some images of vendor booths that impressed me along the way. Keep in mind, I was pretty focused on my sponsor, Software AG, but I did break way from their location to see some pretty kewl booths. The most expansive booth I saw was IBM, but there were others than impressed at CeBIT.

There were both hardware and software vendors. I saw robotic examples and really compelling displays of digital software in action, embedded in devices or cars. I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface with so many booths, but I am impressed.

                      Representation of Dynamic Big Data in SAPs Booth (double click)

Cool Robot Delicately Handling a Fragile Package 

                                         Software AG's Emulation of Industry 4.0 (double click)

Jim's Electric Dream Car 

The IoT Booth Sponsored by Intel and HP 

Motion Detecting Football (Soccer) Game at Software AG's Booth

IBM's MEGA Booth with a Racing Boat and Flight Simulator 

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