Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jim Sinur is Joining Aragon Research

I want to thank my blog readers for the great loyalty and feed back on my stream of blog posts over the last three years. There will still be plenty of posts coming in the future as Aragon has graciously allowed me to continue my social presence and believes that your readership is important for keeping the focus on digital and BPM issues sharp. Please refer to the press release from Aragon by clicking here.

I am excited about joining Aragon and pursuing my passions in Digital Business and BPM's role in the future. It doesn't hurt that I get to play in the Industry 4.0 plus IoT and the Intelligent Workplace as well. Speaking of new things, here is my latest 3D Fractal called "Molten Planet" for your enjoyment. Art will still be a thread going forward.

Net; Net:

I want to thank Aragon for customizing a position that allows me to channel a great deal of my creativity while helping them grow.

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  1. I was a stringer writer and never an official employee.