Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Thank You For Your Support!

It's been seven full years since I left Gartner to pursue helping others progress with various forms of digital technologies. My commitment has been to help push digital technology forward in supporting real business goals, competencies, and progress. I am delighted to still be adding value to our collective efforts. I really want to thank my readers for continuing to be interested in my writings.

There were those who:

Learned something new
Were encouraged to think differently
Corrected my grammar, spelling, etc.
Corrected my thinking
Encouraged and extended my points
Pointed me to parallel efforts
Pointed to areas of opportunities

I want to thank you all and hope to continue to add value. So far my blog has had nearly 650,000 hits over the seven years spread across 537 posts yielding an average of over 1200 hits per post. My reach is now on Forbes and Data Decisioning where I have a pretty new presence. Some of the details of the activity are posted below. While most of the activity has been in the US (67%), there is a wide interest internationally. If you have ideas for further writings or just want to discuss something, please reach out to me at jim.sinur@gmail.com.

Net; Net:

Thanks for your continued support!!!  Stay in contact :)

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