Monday, November 25, 2019

Everything Thankful

Sometimes being thankful isn't easy, but you know you will be a better person for it. This year has had its challenges for me and my family. We lost our youngest daughter to a fentanyl-laced sleeping pill that a friend gave her and we lost our loving dog, Maggie Mae. Still, God is good to us by introducing a new grandson to our world. We welcomed Jackson Thomas Sinur to our family. Yet there are so many things to be thankful for these days. Just let me highlight a few that are meaningful to me.

The Special Years We Had with Beth Sinur Who Had the Biggest Heart

The Newest Love of Our Family Jackson Thomas Sinur

Our Loving Maggie Mae Who Loved Unconditionally 

I am so thankful for:

Life and health that allows us to still be active and vibrant

My ever-patient wife, Sherry. Great adult children in Andy(RIP), Melissa, Bryon, Dave, Emily, Steve & Beth(RIP). Fantastic grandkids in Keegan, Karson, Xander, Gabriella, Jackson, Hope, Kale, Nolan & Amanda. Finally, a mom who keeps it going at 92 living in northern Wisconsin. 

The local music community that allows us to hang. Especially Susan Alexander, Greg Chaison, Ethan Foxx, Rick Greenly, Moe Mustafa, Heath Underwood, Bob Desiderio, 
Jimi Taft, Donnie Crist, Dan Seethaler, James Graves & Jim Nugent

My friends all over the world that stay in contact and keep me up to date with their adventures. Especially Adrian Bowles, Mark McGregor, Ed Peters, Jim Duggan, Ken Kleinberg, Benoit Lheureux, Toby Bell, Bob Weerts, and Mike West

My customers, work associates and followers that keep me honest

The gifts that God gave me and continues to allow me to grow

Freedom to worship and to choose. Faith Bible Church & great leadership in Dan Lind. 

Family and friends in glory today especially Dad, Andy and Beth Sinur. 

Net; Net:

We all have so much to be thankful for these days if we just take a moment to meditate on thankfulness awhile. A habit I'm trying to employ daily. 

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