Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fujitsu Bolsters It’s (OCA) Partner Alliance with Strong Digital Vision

Fujitsu relaunched its OCA conference with a new digital vision, strong new products and a commitment for strong partner support. The digital vision was outlined with defining an intelligent content journey starting with powerful new scanners sending the highest quality content to the cloud for categorization, preparation tasks and onto legacy applications or processes thus completing the content journey. This is over and above the typical enterprise content management archiving capabilities available for decades.

The intelligent Journey Is now being bolstered by two new powerful scanners that help the OCA partners reach into the mid-market to add to their Fujitsu’s powerful presence in the enterprise market with a 53% market share worldwide. I observed some of the heavy-duty scanners in action with incredible rates of accurate scanning speeds and the ability to categorize and capture key data elements for further processing options. The first product introduction was fi-7300NX. The second was the fi-800R which supports thick documents in a one-handed push-push mode that has a miniature footprint. 

Fujitsu sees that the future is not just hardware, so it’s linking up to the cloud to allow a content push approach or a process / application pull support. This means that the content of all kinds will be leveraged with smart cloud platforms. Fujitsu provides a super-secure channel for content entry with a one-touch approach, combined with RPA and process vendors, to support straight-through processing. To that end, Fujitsu invited content management, RPA, and process vendors to set up at the OCA conference. Fujitsu is stepping up its support of partners to reach new markets and supporting new digital uses to demonstrate that data capture is still relevant.

Microsoft, a long-time partner, was invited to describe their boost to structured content and unstructured forms of big data by adding an Azure platform growing more intelligent all the time. Ian Story explained the progress Microsoft was attaining to add more intelligence to the point of replicating human function including the senses.

Fujitsu also thinks that RPA will be essential on the content journey and gathered a panel of RPA/Process vendors to contribute their real-world experience with the combination of content and RPA. I was fortunate t moderate the panel and pull stories about speedy ROI and bot momentum. The partners were also encouraged to link up with RPA to extend the content journey beyond just the capture moment. 

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Net; Net:

Capture is the first step in the journey of content. Fujitsu is dominating the enterprise capture market, but will extend its lead by RPA, AI and process to support the extension of that journey. At the same time the OCA partners will be equipped with new midmarket opportunities and support from Fujitsu.   

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