Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tibco as a Digital Business Platform

Recently I published two blogs about digital business and digital platform. The firstdefined digital business, and the second described the components of a digital business platform. Now, it is time to investigate TIBCO and the digital business platform (DBP). This post will not be an inventory of all of the technologies provided by TIBCO, but a list of strengths to consider in creating your organization’s digital business platform. This is my first DBP vendor rating and I decided to focus on core strengths rather than detailed capabilities. If you are curious about other vendors please see the linked post here. If you want to hear about other vendors in the future, please contact me through my blog. Here is my take on Tibco as a DBP
Traditionally, TIBCO was known for its strong integration capabilities. However, over time, TIBCO has either built or bought significant technology assets that can be used stand alone or in combination with other technologies. Recently, TIBCO has embarked on integrating some of its technology assets and expanding base capabilities to provide for the complete Digital Business Platform (DBP).


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