Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blog Activity for 4Q 2015

I thought you might find it interesting what folks are interested in reading about process related topics on my blog. The hot topics were business rules, fast data, digital business, build digital transformation plans and predictions for 2016,  but that might have been influenced by the fact that I did a series on each topic I'm now on my way to 250,000 hits to date since I semi-retired from good old Gartner. I would sure like to hear what topics you would be interested in, so I can more meet your needs. Please post a comment, if you think there is a need for a particular topic. 

Where in the world are the hits coming from?  The US is always number one by a wide margin and is not shown here. There is no surprise that France, Russia & Germany are at the top, but I am surprised that Russia jumped ahead of France this quarter. 

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