Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2016: Process as an Enabler of Work in the Digital Era

Process is about to overcome the stigma of being only useful in saving costs and optimizing rigid work patterns in and around organizations. This will be true long term, but there is so much more to BPM. While business process management (BPM) is not considered one of the flashy technologies in and around digital business, it will become an essential enabler of digital businesses. Tomorrow's Digital Business Platforms (DBP) will have a strong thread of BPM for work management and the development of resource and task management. With the emphasis in digital business on incremental transformation, dynamic process / case behavior, rapid iterative development, visual business and better customer experiences, BPM is an obvious enabler for 2016 and beyond. The trends in digital business are unstoppable, so emergent and growing BPM will be dragged along as the invisible enabler.  See 2016 Predictions for Digital Business:


BPM will enable digital work because it can manage and collaborate with autonomous and intelligent resources. It can handle emergent business patterns, assist decisions and see that emergent work reaches critical goals and dynamic milestones. BPM can be the hub of visual development that works in an incremental and innovative way by supporting experimentation and fast low code development. BPM can support incremental composition, re-composition and incremental transformation allowing for evolutionary business practices as well as revolutionary new business models. BPM can be a hub for visual operations and customer customization within governance constraints.

Net; Net: 

A case management and explicit rule driven BPM with deep analytic capabilities (predictive included) will be essential in 2016.  BPM was born to support an agile, dynamic and speedy digital world. Make no mistake BPM will be inside of digital business without being flashy.

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