Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Art Projects for the First Quarter 2015

By the way, I have received a number of encouraging remarks about my art and I just wanted to thank all those folks who took the time to give me courage to move onto more art challenges. THANKS  :)  I started out the year by creating a tribute to my oldest son who did not make it through 2014. Portraits are very difficult and take anywhere from 6 months or more to complete. This time I was very focused on finishing faster for Andy's kids. The original will hang in my house, but I am creating copies for them. At the same time I was commissioned to do another fall scene, so I just finished "Autumn Road". It was adapted from a photo of a local road where the leaves turn yellow only. I also completed a painting that basically was hanging around as a background project. Sorry for the quality of the photos, but the originals are be scanned as we speak. I also worked out a couple of new fun fractals.

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Andrew James Sinur  Jan 6, 1975 - July 9, 2014

Autumn Road 

Mysterious Mesa

Scorpion Party

Purple Haze

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