Monday, March 9, 2015

Kofax Transform 2015 Lives Up to It's Name

Kofax has been steadily transforming itself from a capture only company to a full coverage smart process company that delivers high levels of analytic capabilities and the agility to adapt to changing needs over time. On top of this process and full life cycle content architecture, Kofax and their partner networks are building smart process applications (SPA). Now Kofax wants it's customer base to transform themselves thereby igniting customer engagement with Kofax Total Agility.

The CEO, Reynolds C. Bish, gave the 770+ attendees a Kofax growth and financial update and all the news was good. He then gave the strategy to sell vertically and horizontally with a leaning towards solutions overall. He also talked about the recent acquisition of Aria's Customer Communications Manager and how it rounded out the Kofax Total Agility(KTA) platform. He also announced a new SPA called Kofax Claims Agility. Reynolds then challenged the audience to start their transformation by offering a special KTA accelerate incentive program to encourage Kofax customers to start their incremental transformation program to light their customer engagement fuse.

Net; Net:

Kofax has successfully pulled off an incremental transformation of itself and is fully qualified with their technology, SPAs and partner network to help it's client base to pull off their own incremental and benefit rich transformations at their own pace. I will be looking forward to transformation stories emerging over time. Meanwhile, customers can take steps toward short term benefits.

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