Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Up Coming Events for Collaboration / 2Q 2015

There was strong momentum for organizations to start mapping their transformation to the new digital world in the first quarter. I suspect this will be a trend for the rest of 2015. I expect that there is a lot to talk about in a number of up coming events. I hope to have some interesting conversations on going digital and the role of BPM & Case Management.


Date           City                Sponsor                 Content

3/31      Webinar              Kofax                    E-Signature Gateway to Digital
4/1        Santa Barbara   BPM Next             Defining the Next Gen Process
6/8        Orlando              Pegasystems       Pegaworld Conference
6/22      DC                       BPM.COM            BPM & Case Management

Net; Net:

These are exciting times and new business models are emerging and transforming to take advantage of the new digital world. I am just thrilled to have a seat to watch what organizations so with their opportunity to create new services or products and extend existing business models. See you on the other side of transformation.

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