Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blog Activity for 2Q 2014

There has been a shift in interest in the 2nd quarter towards new topics. In the 1st quarter, the topics were around practices and skills necessary to compete as a digital organization vying for new customers. The 2nd quarter showed a spike in interest around Case Management and Intelligent processes. Of course there were some water shed events in 2Q. IBM had it's huge Impact Conference in Vegas and Pegasystems had it's exciting Pegaworld where customer success stories dominated. In addition, there was an inaugural conference in DC entitled   "BPM & Case Management Global Summit" that demonstrated a strong interest in adaptive case management. Pictured below are the top 10 Hot Topics on my blog (

The next 10 Hot Topics are listed below:

If you are interested in the countries that accessed my besides the US, see the below:

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