Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Role Of Modeling in Digital Transformation

Will modeling play a role in digital transformation? My answer would be "yes". Organizations will likely use a business or a technology model to guide the digital journey. Just like maps help on a hike or long journey. For a planning organization these models will play a role in both understanding the current state and the several phased target states for the digital transformation. For a reactionary organization, mining of real activities will likely yield a model to study for change and improvement. Most organizations will likely employ both models before execution and after execution. These are the kind of models I have seen and continue to expect to see in the future:

For a more detailed interview with BPM Tips on these models please follow this link

Often Leveraged Today:

Existing  & Target Business Models

Existing & Target Technical Models

Existing & Target Process/Case Models

Existing & Target Decision Models

Really Needed Tomorrow:

All of the models today plus

Customer Journey Maps

Collaboration Models

Goal Models

Constraint Models

Compound Math Models

Compound Context Models

Pattern / Scenario Models

Blog Series on Modeling Referenced in the Interview:

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Modeling Controversy Link Here

Net; Net:

Modeling and BPM will play a large role in digital even though the way we think of and use processes will evolve over the coming years. For an audio of  the future of  BPM and digital please link here 

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