Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Art for 2Q 2016

This quarter was mostly about experimentation, so I tried a bunch of new things. If you like any of it, let me know. I completed three paintings. One was for my friends that celebrated Passover 2016 and the other two were my first attempts with liquid acrylic paints. They are quite different for me in that my usual works are done in oil or water color. I also tried some 3D fractals as well as some of my typical fractals. I hope a few of these please your eyes :)  If not, maybe my art web sites might appeal.  "Purple Royalty"  placed in Art Takes Times Square 2016.

Web Presence:

                                          Rouge Rain

                                       Midnight Wonder 


                                         Star of David 


                                          Molten Planet

Purple Royalty 

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