Wednesday, April 30, 2014

IBM Impact 2014: Incremental Transformation & Innovation

There is a noted change, here at Impact, in the Process and Decision areas in 2014. There are less technical architecture charts and more business focused case studies. What's more important is that some of the case studies were headed towards transformation and others were just plain innovative. While I miss some of the architecture charts and I wanted to see use typical uses cases with products linked to them, I still prefer the customer stories.


While there were a goodly number of point process case studies that delivered high amounts of business benefits, there were several examples of incremental transformation. In fact KPMG had an architecture and tools that enabled IBM BPM shops to rapidly delver multiple process projects aimed towards incremental transformation. That aside, several firms had long running process programs that are changing the way todays business works. Organizations that are on this path are Nationwide, GE Capital, Lutron and Supervielle Bank. This was encouraging and I expect to see more large scale examples emerge from the IBM customer base over time. Read more about incremental transformation:


Both IBM & some of it's customer base are showing innovation. Criiel life science has designed a genomic data ecosystem that offers storage of genomic data, expert interpretation an a process driven interchange framework that delivers clinically-relevant genomic interpretation at the point of care. Watson is a main piece of the technology base that delivers a prescription regiment modeling tool for physicians.

Watson itself will be changing the man-machine relationship in new ways. Watson can take knowledge fragments from many data sources and deliver statistical hypothesis that can be improves over time as the knowledge base expands and refines. It is wicked fast and wicked cool. It also keeps knowledge based personas on all the participants (human or not) and links them in near real time. This is amazing stuff !!!!

Net; Net:

IBM and it's client base is delivering transformational result with innovation. IBM is being innovative as it is using rapid mobile development, & cloud as Trojan horses to drag in BPM, Advanced ODM and Cognitive Computing. I can't wait until next year to see what clients do with IBM's offerings


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