Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Top Successful Digital Technologies

Chasing digital technology success armed with knowledge is the best thing that organizations can do for themselves. While the flow of digital opportunities will continue to emerge, organizations will be making decisions on what technologies to tap into and what combinations work the best for the outcomes that organizations desire. Here is a short list of technologies that have proven to deliver and have successful uses out in the real world. Listed below are the top successful digital technologies today rated by the ease of uptake, cost/benefit potential, and maturity. Also, you will find a brief list of typical benefits. This is a summary of my bpmNEXT 2019, mostly a vendor audience,  presentation earlier this month that is linked to here

AI     -  Consumes large amounts of distinct data, info & knowledge
            -  Knowledge augmentation for human resources in-context
            -  Automation that can learn fast to augment software

Arch -  Business context and scenarios defined
            -  Inventory of existing business & technical capabilities
            -  Definition of target business & technical capabilities

BPM -  Assists in the orchestration of necessary resources
            -  Shows work in the context of desired outcomes or goals

            -  Provides agility for automation improvements 

Content/Collab  - Team Contributions for Ideation, innovation &  work
            - Improved work scheduling & delivery
            - Agile & dynamic team contributions around shared content

CJM  - Reduction of the silo effect
            -  Constituent goal and outcome representation
            -  Customer customization in context

IoT   -  Communication between devices & systems
            -  Precise automation close to the source of patterns
            -  Edge computing actions with goals and guardrails

Low Code    -  Increased agility and change response
            -  Fast software delivery thus decreased costs
            -  Tactic for legacy augmentation and transformation

PM   -  Visibility of real outcomes in-context of dynamic models
            -  Finding bottlenecks & unnecessary wait times
            -  Verification of process effectiveness & outcomes

RPA  -  Employee empowerment & satisfaction
            -  Reduced costs & cycle times
            -  High quality & predictability 

UCC  -  Follow me mobile interactions
            -  Integrated communications channel
            -  Saves end user time

Workflow  -  Speeds up internal processes
            -  Reduction in error & redo cycles
            -  Insure resource orchestration at appropriate times

Net; Net:

Knowing successful digital technologies is a start point for organizations. As organizations gain momentum with digital they will be looking for productive pairs of technologies and triplets of successful technologies. 

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