Thursday, February 18, 2016

Up Coming Events for Collaboration in 2016

There was strong momentum for organizations to start mapping their transformation to the new digital world in the first quarter driven by the threat of digital disruption. I suspect this will be a trend for the rest of 2016. I expect that there is a lot to talk about in a number of up coming events. 


Date           City                Sponsor                 Content

2/21      Las Vegas          IBM Interconnect   Digital & BPM  
3/13      Hanover GE       CeBIT with SAG    Digital Business Platform
4/18      Santa Barbara   bpmNext                 Digital Disruption
5/12      San Francisco   Aragon                    Digital Disruption 
5/16      Las Vegas          Tibco Now               Digital & BPM
6/5        Las Vegas          Pegasystems          Pegaworld & Digital
11/1      Las Vegas          BBC                         Building a Digital Transformation Plan

Net; Net:

These are exciting times of better customer interaction, improved business operations and new business models. Efforts are emerging and transforming to take advantage of the new digital world.     I am just thrilled to have a seat to watch what organizations do with their opportunity to create new services or products and extend existing business models. See you on the your journey of transformation to digital. 

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