Thursday, February 11, 2016

Global Health Organization Manages Projects with Process

A large global health organization leverages a hybrid process/project capability to give global and local visibility to project progress by leveraging a dashboard that represents project progress and interconnection. This represents a break through in managing projects for this organization,

The Problem: 

With hundreds of concurrent projects consisting of thousands of tasks involving many different organizations, run over multiple years, across the globe, getting a clear picture of project status was impossible using a traditional BPM or project management tool. 

The Solution:

Project enabled BPM was used to design and manage all of the global projects. Analysts are able to design complex processes using a simple point-and-click tool, and managers are able to use a Gantt chart to manage timelines as these processes are executed.The tool supported an advanced version of Critical Chain (CCPM) methodology that was used to provide a powerful "Early Warning" system. Each project was entered as a process, but managed as a group of associated projects. Some of the projects implemented process as well.

The Results: 

A single system for managing all projects provides unprecedented real-time visibility across the extended organization. This significantly reduces management effort, improves decision making, and facilitates global resource management as all the interconnections are factored in the project dashboard. 

Net; Net: 

While this organization has not made the hard benefits public yet, one can only image the amount of time wasted to gather the information to manage multiple global projects with local variations by location. The brilliance of capturing projects as processes allows for better management as sequence is captured and managed. This approach could also be leveraged to manage a portfolio of processes 

This is a highly summarized and anonymous case study provided by Silver Tree Systems leveraging Work Relay 

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