Monday, June 8, 2015

Pegaworld 2015: Deliver the Digital Enabled Customer Experience

Again Pegaworld has surpassed it's high water attendance mark this year with about 3300 attendees. The theme was about going digital and how the enabled customer experience was the tip of the digital sword and Pega has the "end to end engine" to drive the digital transformation for organizations. Alan Trefler started  the conference with his view of CRM evolved and how Pega leverage of "next best decision & action" powers the new customer cycle picture below:

Going digital is essential, so it is a mandate for all organizations. See

Alan then proceeded to selectively put clients on the stage that were on their way to digital; most starting with the customer experience. The prime example was Cigna who was pursuing a digital vision that means redefining what a Healthcare organization should be in the new digital age. Dr Mark Boxer gave us all a view of their vision that they plan to roll out on top of Pega. The basic idea was to leverage evidence based medicine personalized for each patient leveraging real time measures, events and patterns to drive treatment and proactive behaviors tied to premium incentives.

Don Shuerman & Kerim Akongul demonstrated the power of Pega7 Express, a lite gateway version of the Pega Digital Platform applied to a delightful & amusing application of a proactive health monitoring of Kerim's physical condition and training program.

There were also some client stories that focused on ROI and Speed that were highlighted for those not quite ready for a digital transformation yet. This proceeded breakout sessions.

IsBank showed great numbers

The State of Maine delivered an integration of silos through their "One Maine" efforts


United Healthcare showed great results over the years while growing to 200,000 users. Now that's hyper volume. Name a model driven approach with that kind of volume !!!!!!!

General Motors showed the power of emerging telematics. Updates to my car to optimize it's performance and my experience. Nice !!!!

I can't wait until tomorrow as the first day blew me away. I also can't wait until Pega 7 Express adds more feature over time, but it is poised now to help new users and light weight processes today though the release date is in the future. Low end BPM vendors watch out !!!

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