Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tibco Wants You to Change the World with Attitude and Their Technology

The first day of Tibco Now was about mindset and attitude towards creating a changed world with technology. Obviously Tibco want you to use technology in their rich portfolio. You might ask "what do they have and how can I use it?" Tibco did a nice job of showing the audience what they had and balanced it with a goodly number of client case studies. Here are my thoughts based on needs I see in the market place. Tibco certainly can support more than these.

We Want Visibility:

Tibco offers one of the best combinations of Visualization with Spotfire, Jaspersoft and LogLogic. You can handle both business data feeds and technology data feeds with these technologies.The new mobile metrics looks yummy. Since you can't manage what you can't see, this is a great place to start. Marks and Spencer showed how you can create a wave of enthusiasm by combining collaborating business analysts with inquisitive executives. M&S has gotten a deep taste of how this can affect their business world.

We Have the Need of Speed:

While Tibco has always show the ability to manage data well with MDM, they now have combined a number of technologies to speed up the cycle of intelligent action. Businesses have FOMO (fear of missing out) just like we do. By sensing event patterns and applying rules for interesting and analyzing patterns, Tibco can put opportunities and risks in front of managers at a blinding speed rate. Of course this engenders a need for some machine learning to spare the managers for overload. This will only accelerate with the "Internet of Everything" Leveraging events with in memory and live big data combined with analytic capabilities put Tibco in a good position. There were a number of good case studies in the oil and transportation industries for the attendees.

We Have the Need for Business Optimization:

Well Tibco can sense emerging patterns, analyze them and suggest actions, but many of the actions need to be put into the context of a process. This can be a tight predetermined process or a loose emerging process. The choice is yours with ActiveMatrix supported by the integration capabilities in Business Works. Add the speed factors and the visibility and business folks have a wide variety of options with Tibco. There were a few examples from the financial industry, but Tibco need to be more assertive with ActiveMatrix supported by their other technologies.

Net; Net:

Tibco has a wide portfolio of technologies that will have to get easier to use over time that can bless key business problems, so they bare a deep look. The issue will be Vista, the new owners do to this blessed portfolio of technology assets? I hope they don't mess with it much and leverage these assets in their own vertical software stacks like Tibco has done in it's Engage offering for marketing managers

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