Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tibco Now: First Day of Futures with Fast Data

Vivek Ranadive starts the show off with a bang, after the mayor of San Francisco welcomed the crowd of over 2500 to his city of 4% unemployment.

 He then mentions the five big trends that will be surrounding the big change that will be necessary to get to the next level of civilization (civilization 3.0).  They are:
  • Extreme Service: All organizations will be leap frogging each other to out-service their competitors.
  • Explosion of Accessible Data: The amount of data to manage, digest and analyze is mind boggling
  • Platform Reach: It takes a rich and integrated platform to reach to all constituents in a way that wins
  • Rising Asia: China & India continue to dominate in GDP growth
  • Math Trumps Science: Why is no longer the driver; intelligent actions win the future

Vivek stated that every business is a social network linked to a perishable inventory of products, services or knowledge.

Malcom Gladwell, the best-selling author, challenged the audience to make changes with the technology that was emerging. Malcom said our attitude will change the world if we wanted to do so. 

He left us with four major points that he saw Malcom McLean who change the whole shipping world with containerized freight. The example was richly told and displayed four major themes. They are:
  • Leveraging ones imagination to change the world
  • Enable a sense of motivated urgency
  • Move away from a rules based society to a values and goals based society
  • Embrace the fact that every company will become a software company

Mark Andreessen then came on stage and gave the audience a feel for what a VC does as a person who sorts of the best of a bunch of terrible ideas. Vivek then interviewed Indra NooylI, the CEO of Pepsi who explained how she created an environment for change that was necessary because customers are now jumping ahead of companies because of technology. Her mantra was “perform while you transform while navigating uncertainty”.

Mitch Barns, the CEO of Nielsen, had four jewels of wisdom. They are:
  • Trimming waste is often the starter for innovation
  • Move from central control to edge control where the interactions of business really happens
  • Get rid of zero sum thinking (a winner and a loser). Many can get a partial win
  • The world needs data cooperation and collaboration

Net; Net:

Get ready to change the world because we all know what to do with emerging technology. I would soften that a bit and say “Learn to use emerging technology to get ready to change the world”

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