Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tucon 2013 in Vegas: Tibco and Their Clients are Transforming Business Models

Tibco really gets Intelligent Business Operations(IBO) and is adding to it's business platform in significant ways. Meanwhile Tibco's clients are delivering business bang with event driven process focused applications with visual business outcomes. It was very encouraging to hear one client after another tell a story of big business impact leveraging differentiating business function.

Tibco is adding wider pipes to handle a greater level of patterns, events and big data opportunities, they are working on technologies that will help clients transform with a better mobile experience. This means Tibco is leveraging streaming real time events to search for business opportunity and threat patterns. The ideas is to assemble predictions and potential actions based on these streaming event patterns. Imagine this applied to your personal health by predicting health events. By injecting nano technology into your blood stream that could detect chemical changes, you could be notified ahead of time that your were close to a heart attack through notification. Besides this great leverage of event patterns, Tibco is rolling out better and mobile visual metrics, a combination of  big data and "in memory" data/events and a supercharged business process management capability. While there was a big emphasis on infrastructure sessions, there were great tracks around poly analytic approaches and innovative use of technology to leverage for organizations.

The impressive list of clients ready to share success included Nielsen, Royal Caribbean, Kroger and Proctor & Gamble. Each had it's own version of Tibco leverage, but it is clear there is transformation going on leveraging intelligent business operations guided by great decisions on top of a resilient infrastructure.

Net; Net: Tibco has a mature base of technology, that is positively evolving and clients leveraging that base for business transformation.

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