Tuesday, October 15, 2013

iBPMS Expo Delivers a Side by Side Comparo

I was fortunate to be invited by BPM.COM to speak at the iBPMS Expo on the trends in Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) and the characteristics of processes that make them intelligent.  This is important because organizations need to compete with speedy results. Intelligent processes have the business functions and features to help businesses deal with the pressures for profitability today. What I really liked about the iBPMS Expo was the access and ability to drill into each vendors offering using a common use case. This years use case revolved around revenue generation with an intelligent account opening process. There also awards given onsite, even though I had to leave the event before that occurred.    

Businesses are in a Battle to Lead in Revenue Per Hour Worked / The Normalized Measure

 Nearly Every Business Resource will Need to be Operating at an Ever Rising Level of Productivity
 Nearly Every Internal Action Will Need to Be Viewed in the Light of Business Outcomes
 Nearly Every Action or Pattern of Actions in the Business Context Will Be Ascertained for Opportunity or Threat
 Nearly Every Decision Will be Made in the Light of Conflicting Goals
 Nearly Every Process Will Have be More Intelligent 


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