Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tucon 2013: Civilization 3.0 will be Enabled by the Amazing Application of Technology

On the first day of Tucon, Vivek Ranadive, the CEO and founder of Tibco, gave a visionary mention of the term Civilization 3.0. He hinted at an innovative application of technologies and a better customer experience. Well, on day two of Tucon there were concrete examples given of how this might work. It started out with a change in the way that organizations would engage client and a change in philosophy. The line that captured the change for me was: "Tomorrows organization will shift from "earn and burn" to a technology driven VIP experience for loyalty."

While there were many customer sessions to follow to demonstrate success with Tibco technologies, some were examples that helped the audience surround this concept of a mobile and kinder relationship with organizations:

The first was the way that the sporting experience was going to change radically; starting with the Sacramento Kings. The mobile experience inside the new stadium (yet to be built) will be all inclusive and directed from the seat of the attendee. The experience outside the stadium will include large artistic screens greeting each VIP ticket holder and telling them that their dinner reservation is awaiting and give step by step directions to their table via mobile. Of course, offers will follow as nobody is against increasing revenue.

The second was for patient care where the whole history of an aging patient, with multiple critical problems could be known and all the special needs would be prearranged. This could be up to and including custom designer medicines designed for this patient based on their DNA for optimal homeostasis for their set of conditions.

The third was from a very knowledge centric service provider for accumulating and sharing knowledge to help their customer base. It might go as far as finding better practice patterns by mining the activities and events of past successes.

Net; Net:

It was encouraging to hear an innovative vision for a streaming event, analytic and process vendor, like Tibco, and how they thought that they could deliver a new base for civilization leveraging social, mobile and cloud for differentiation.

See the first day of Tucon 2013

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