Monday, October 21, 2013

BPM is Alive with New Opportunities

Process management is morphing quickly as organizations are looking for additional business outcomes to cost savings. Earlier this month there were articles about BPM being on it's death bed and I responded with the following post.  I think what is dying is that BPM is not just about cost cutting anymore and the name is not a shiny object anymore. As we all know IT types like shiny new names. I kind of like the new mantra of Civilization 3.0, but I'll let others decide if a new name is required.  BPM has new opportunities now because of it's ability to adapt like a chameleon. They are a follows:

Revenue Opportunities:

Process can be used to raise revenue which is currently on the mind of the CXO level. While fast and friendly approached to account opening is a major push, right at the moment, there are many examples of using BPM is the sales cycle and customer relationship cycle. This will take a different tack, but BPM is proven in helping to raise revenue.

Time to Market Response: 

Some organizations are looking at speeding up their organizations and their ability to beat the competition to a delightful customer response and experience. Some businesses are aiming at real time recognition, decisions and responses. Because the new generation of process technology supports intelligent and rapid response, BPM is ready willing and able to increase an organizations velocity.

Resource Leverage:

With the advent of smarter resources that are ever expanding in number and capability, managing them is challenging and complex. Whether it is the internet of everything,  tagged inventory, supercharged knowledge workers. robots or intelligent agents, BPM has the smarts to compose, leverage and optimize usage of many resources, so leading organizations are lining up to implement process solutions.

Built for Innovation:

Because BPM is built for collaborative development and operation, the best business minds can easily collaborate with the brightest technical folks to create innovative process solutions. Unlike most advancing and morphing emerging technologies, BPM makes them consumable on one base that can be shared by business and IT types without painful translation

Transformation Enabler:

Transformations can be made less painful because of the adaptability of BPM and it's underlying technologies. See Transformation is a dirty word normally because the technology and infrastructure was limiting. This is less true with BPM, but people change is still a challenge. In fact BPM is wrapping old and tired applications these days.

Net; Net:

BPM is not a shiny word like "Big Data", "Mobile", "Social", "Streaming Events", "Cloud" and "Poly-Analytics", but BPM leverages each of these emerging technologies, usually on one base with the ability to adapt quickly or incrementally. How could BPM not be alive with \opportunity? Well at least it's not called  "".

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