Friday, May 31, 2013

Smart Medical Process Rated on the CPIQ

I promised to rate some innovative processes on the cumulative process intelligence quotient(CPIQ). See  This is one of my favorite smart processes that manages an outpatient surgical center.

The Challenge:

This organization wanted to find a balanced optimization that leveraged resource utilization with the best patient care. Quite often one suffers at the expense of the other. In fact this organization defined an extended patient care that included the people accompanying the patient, in that, they were given visibility into progress in near real time.

The Solution:

Each resource was tagged with sensors that were readable through out the facility. This included patients, relatives/friends, medical personnel and equipment. A visual simulation is run to show optimal throughput and positive outcomes. Once a goal, amongst many, is sensed to be in jeopardy, a re simulation with adjusted goals is run with a new visual dash board representing the new goal balance. There are many reasons for optimal goal balances to be in jeopardy including medical personal getting interruptions, equipment not being ready, late patients, slower than expected recoveries etc., but this process is smart enough to deal with re-balancing and real time visibility

How Smart is this Process Measured by the CPIQ?


Net; Net:
You can visually see where the intelligence of this process is more advanced.

This is a highly summarized and anonymous case study provided by Bosch

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