Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Measuring the Cumulative Intelligence of a Process

Up until now there has been no way to measure the cumulative intelligence of a process. I am proposing a way to do that based on five continuum lines that seem to fit the bill very well. We are definitely moving away from purely structured and low IQ processes to more intelligent processes.
I believe the only way we will make progress is by watching and measuring several measures to create a shape that represents the intelligence of a process. This way we can watch the cumulative IQ of our processes and have a common language

                   Cumulative Process Intelligence Quotient

Going forward I will be taking some intelligent processes and rating them on this cumulative intelligence diagram to show the applicability to some of the intelligent processes already up and running in the real world today. I will be giving the CPIQ a test drive :)

More details behind each measure:

Raw Intelligence (I):

Social Intelligence (S):

Agility (A):
Visual (V):

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