Monday, June 3, 2013

Smart Retail Process Measured on the CPIQ

This is another innovative processes rated on the cumulative process intelligence quotient(CPIQ). See This is one of my favorite smart processes that manages the retail therapy experience :)

The Challenge:

Create a highly individualized shopping experience for customers while taking inventory levels and special situations in mind. For clients in the area of the store, with registered cell phones, invite them in with specials that relate to the clients potential needs/wants leveraging known information to increase revenue.

The Solution:

Determine the physical location of the customer, in the store, and push offers related to the location. For instance, if the client is in the men's department looking at ties, offer a coupon for shoes or men's scents. In the case where the mobile opportunity is not available, print related offers on the back of the receipt of current purchases. This has increased revenue, reduced inventory, pushed slower lines into the fast lane. This is an impressive business solution that leverages process.

How Smart is this Process Measured by the CPIQ?

Net; Net:
You can visually see where the intelligence of this process is more advanced.

This is a highly summarized and anonymous case study provided by Tibco

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