Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Smart Ground Operations Processes Measured on the CPIQ

This is another innovative processes rated on the cumulative process intelligence quotient(CPIQ). See This is one of my favorite smart processes that manages the ground experience for many fights in and out of a major airport :)

The Challenge:

Imagine coordinating the flight crews, passengers, food service crews, cleaning crews, gates, ground crews for a complex and large airport. Next imagine getting only 30 minutes notice to plan and react to events (airplane status) in a very dynamic ground logistics game. This is exactly what Inttelligent BPM does for one of the major Euro based airports.

The Solution:

BPM was used to visualize where each plane was and where each of the servicing crews were as well as route all of the crews to optimally turn airplanes around quickly to save time and fuel costs. The on time performance was raised from 57% to 85% and the revenue from the retail experience was raised because of having more passenger time in the stores. This allowed more flights per time corridor as well. A real "win-win-win"

How Smart is this Process Measured by the CPIQ?

Net; Net:

You can visually see where the intelligence of this process is more advanced.

This is a highly summarized and anonymous case study provided by Pegasystems

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