Monday, November 11, 2019

What Are Folks Reading These Days?

People barely have time to read these days, so it's important to understand what they are spending their precious time on for sure. In order to help with that task, here are some useful charts and links to help others set some reading priorities. I would appreciate any ideas for new post topics if you have a hot button or two. A bit of background here for you, if you have the time or otherwise skip to the charts.

Since I left Gartner in 2013, I have written over 500 blogs that were about the digital world we are interacting with, developing or planning to develop. I have a pie chart showing those posts that are most popular over that period of time. I also have a chart showing where in the world most of the activity comes from other than the U.S. that dominates the numbers with 70 percent of the activity (defined as "hit count"). In addition to my own blog, I have been a writer, presenter, and researcher for hundreds of organizations after my Gartner life. Starting in 2019, I have also become a Forbes contributor on the topic of AI and Big Data. I have also included a chart for the hottest activity.

                                        LINKS TO THE GREATEST HITS

                      LINKS TO RECENT TOP HITS


Again, if you have any hot button ideas for blog posts, please reach out.



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