Monday, December 24, 2018

The Best Christmas Present Ever

First off we would like like to wish all Happy Holidays even if you don't celebrate Christmas or New Years. Secondly I'd like to tell you the about my best present ever, but first "The very best from the Sinur family".

We all have fond memories of getting presents I hope. As I remember back through all the exciting Christmases past, there is one present that sticks in my heart and mind. It was when I realized that no matter what I said or did, God would always love me. God friended me!  What's even more exciting is that God friended everyone when he sent his only son on the very first Christmas celebration centuries ago.

It's hard for me to really understand why God sent his only son to die and come back to eternal life willingly. I lost my oldest son and I certainly didn't do it willingly and it was real painful and still is to this day. I can't imagine the kind of love it takes to give your son to die for the love of others like us. The best Christmas present ever!

Remembering Andy Sinur

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