Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blog Activity for the 4Q 2014

While the interest in the Internet of Things(IoT) and BPM continues to be of strong interest, there is an increase of interest into decision management, behavior modeling and journeys (both customer and work journeys). There is a strong trend towards emerging processes represented by goal directed processes and case management. The bottom line is that there is still strong interest in BPM despite the many growing facets such as smart applications, swift application development, adaptive case management, and goal driven swarming processes. As intelligent devices emerge and intelligent personal assistants help knowledge workers, the very nature of process will transform. The events of interest, for me, were Tibco Now and the Gartner BPM Summit. The 15 hot posts last quarter are illustrated below:

While most of my blog activity is US based, below are the top world wide demands outside the US.

I think that 2015 promises more growth for BPM, but it will be a BPM that better supports emerging and evolving processes that closer support the evolving business goals designed for better business outcomes.

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