Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Art for the 3rd Quarter 2020

 I hope you and yours are doing well during this challenging year of 2020. My art business is getting an unexpected lift in sales demand and production. Here are some of the new pieces. One was a request from my granddaughter in Loveland Colorado. She wanted a painting of a Brontosaurus because she thinks that they are gentle dinos :) I also created two new paintings on a whim. The first was a raven flying past a full moon. It reminded me of my late father who had a raven for a pet. It sold immediately to a good Candian friend, Lin Whaley. The second was a night scene of a park in Paris that reminded me a night Sherry said "yes" in Paris in 1997. I posted it recently and sold a giclee to another friend Kari Moeller in Kansas City.  I also completed a brilliantly colored fractal for you to see. If you are interested in seeing my portfolio or buying a piece, please click here  Some of the newer pieces haven't made the website yet, so contact me at jim.sinur@gmail.com, if you have a desire. 


                                                 RAVEN NIGHT

                                                   PARC DU PARIS

                                                   BIG BANG


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