Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Art for 2Q 2020

I hope you and yours are safe and healthy during these pandemic days. I delivered on a promise to my Granddaughter and painted Gabriella a beach scene that we designed on the phone right around her birthday when she called to thanks us for her birthday gift. It was a fun piece to do even though it is difficult to do sea scenes. To say the least, I learned some lessons for the next one, but she was quite pleased with the results. 

It was a great quarter for art sales. I sold seven pieces to two collectors. Two were fractals and the rest were paintings, which is quite different than my normal. Fractals have sold two to one in the past  I also completed a couple more fractals for you to see. If you are interested in seeing my portfolio or buying a piece, please click here

                                                         Serenity Beach

                                                              Happy Koi
                                                             Circle Saw

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