Thursday, March 26, 2020

Content Intelligence is Real

Today when organizations talk about content analytics, they generally are talking about the effectiveness of marketing efforts or website effectiveness. This is often productive but narrow leverage of content. Content is often the forgotten large vein of big data that has more potential for finding nuggets of business benefits. I would suggest there is a larger category of leveraging content than content analytics applied to revenue generation. I call this Content Intelligence.

Content Intelligence is the act of applying natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) practices to a variety of digital content. Companies use content Intelligence software to provide visibility into the amount of content that is being created, the nature of that content, and how it is used.

The Unprecedented Growth of Unstructured Content:

While the has been a steady growth of traditional content and the importance of enterprise content management (ECM), the use of this content is being leveraged better in the new digital world. While digital methods have increased the productivity of the first mile of content-rich process flows, there is much more to leverage as we move to an increasingly digital world. Organizations are looking to turn audio and video into actionable insights in order to respond to issues in real-time, uncovering insights in large archives, boost the leverage with machine learning ad accelerating decision making.

Increasing the Utilization of Unstructured Content:

We see increased leverage of knowledge by systematically using NLP to find key nouns, relationships, and new leverage points. Imagine mining knowledge out of operations manuals to point to organizational knowledge sources or to create helpful new videos for better outcomes. Organizations are doing this right now. Imagine searching for moving images for defective parts of managing costs and increasing employee safety. This is happening today. Imagine equipping emergency personnel with active real-time maps of buildings and infrastructure during emergencies like active shooter situations. This is being done today. We are seeing the emergence of smart home and smart infrastructures in cities leveraging audio and video. You can expect more leverage of live and active content going forward because of the ability to mine nouns, relationships, contexts, and interactions. 

Digital Publishing is Utilizing New Digital Assists:

Creating content is now easier by guiding authors with better grammar, finding parallel writing that might indicate plagiarism, and creating topical indexes for finding useful resources or references. This is very helpful for traditional marketing and lead-generation over and above traditional research and "publish or perish" situations. Consider story mining of narratives to find successful approaches to creating better practices.

Net; Net:

While revenue generation is essential and analytics applied to revenue efforts, content is often an underutilized pocket of big data for organizations. We are in the early days of leveraging intelligence with various kinds of content. There is so much more to do with content intelligence, so it's time to increase your content IQ.

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