Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Attracting the Digitally Skilled

Like it or not, your organization is in a battle to attract people that have or can quickly grow digtial skills. How do you stack the deck in your favor in a world that is well informed? The best resources for digital growth are young fresh minds, but they are not easily fooled nor are they going to trust your organization or the word in your sales pitches. Folks with potential digital prowess will leverage digital resources well. They can easily determine your real culture by checking Ladders, Glassdoor, and Linkedin. They can talk with people that know about the reality of your organization through social media. They will not go on faith like previous generations. What can you do to attract them?

Show Them Likely Career Progression Opportunities:

The digitally savvy want to know how they can quickly grow into more reward and responsibitlity. This means that you have to have documented and proven paths to success for them. While they will be committed to your business/organizational outcomes, they want you to be committed to their desired outcomes when they deliver the goods. They do not trust companies and they have more choices than ever.

Show Them Your Fun Facilites:

The digitally savvy will be working around the clock at times and will be focused on speedy delivery. They want facilities, games, easy accesses to good food and drink. They want fun events, games and opportunities for interactions. Your facility will be a home away from home, so show them that you are committed to pleasing them.

Show Them Training Opportunities: 

These folks want to keep learning and growing, so they are not satisfiefd with organizations tapping their skills for just money. They want to grow and get better for themselves first which will likely benefit the organization they work for at the moment. Your organization had better have lots of learning opportunities that go beyond learning on the job.

Net; Net:

Ths young people have seen organizations back away from supporting workers for a life time and have accepted their own responsibility for their own development and financial success. This means your organization better be ready to partner with them to this end.

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